what reviewers are saying about the film:

“gorgeously shot...a touching,

subtle and beautifully framed story

about survival...don’t miss it.”    Calgary Herald

“cinema verité at it’s finest...within 3 minutes,

we were seduced”    Steve Rosenberg

Vancouver film critic

“An evocative, beautiful presentation of a vanishing way of life...”   Dr. David Suzuki

“a lyrical exploration...

...a window into the Inuit world

...a film that makes you think”   Toronto Film Scene

“a compelling blend of eco-doc and

time-warping travelogue.”

The Grid

“Excellent film, finely observed. Beautifully shot and edited, in a natural, almost real time way...

It reworks Flaherty in a more human

and authentic way.”    Peter Wintonick

Quebec Association of Film Critics

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“...a very well told and beautifully filmed story”

   Tue Steen Müller